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Back to it - Dichroic Glass Now Available!

Dichroic glass

It's been a while. I feel like I say that a lot. Whether it's Facebook or Instagram posting, new item listing and most definitely blogging, I am a bit of a broken record.

The past few years have been super busy for us as a family. Job changes, and most recently our son heading off to follow his dreams all the way across the country at a college prep school, have left us a little thin on time and energy, and my 'side gig' has been the thing that has oftentimes been put on the back burner. With things more settled and me not spending 15+ hours a week driving to various school and hockey activities, I finally have more time to dedicate, and it's brought a whole new perspective.

I love fusing glass and particularly, fusing dichroic glass. The colors and patterns still hold me in the same thrall they always did - each piece is so unique and I'm not going to lie, I love that it's so affordable. One of the best comments I get from my lovely customers is when someone says they get more compliments about their fused glass jewelry than they do for their fine jewelry. That's not to take away from all those gorgeous gemstones out there, but, it's more to illustrate how a relatively inexpensive piece can really make an outfit - and often becomes a conversation piece.

I started thinking how I could expand my glass business - I love making jewelry, but I wanted to think outside the box a little and find areas to support other glass artists as they both start and continue their fusing 'habits' (habits / addictions?!).

I remember when I first began glass fusing - I was fortunate that we had a local glass shop here in Colorado Springs and there were often fusible glass 'scraps' available for purchase, by weight or larger sheets. The problems with this were as I was new to the art, I wasn't quite sure how they would fire, and whether I would like them and dichroic glass is SO expensive! I would spend money on glass pieces and often not like the results, or I would find a great piece, and then never find any more of it.

So - a little while ago, I forayed into glass supply! Dragon Glass now offers both 1 oz scrap packs consisting of a mixture of small pieces of glass - on both clear and black base glass as well as smaller pieces of specific glass and specific sample packs - enough to make several pieces, know exactly what you're getting (and how it fires) and be able to purchase further quantities down the road - but - without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

As time goes on, we'll continue to offer a wider variety of glasses and you're always welcome to contact us to see if we're able to source a specific glass you've seen and provide it in the quantity you need. We'll do our best to help!

To check out our current selection, visit the page on this site here. If you see something you like, the image will redirect you to our Etsy store for checkout.


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